BuildingVR ® is a tech agency that creates mobile and stationary virtual presentations for cities, their investors, builders and users.
Founded by those who know this market the best - it's very designers.


New generation VR

VR services that allow to see virtual presentations using goggles have been known for many years. The development of this technology has so far been slow due to the cost of hardware or the need to shut out from the real world to see the virtual one. Now things changed with remote solutions required due to the lack of direct contact, making VR one of the most desirable services now. It's market will soon reach the value of film and computer games. As long-term virtual creators, we are prepared for each new order.

Practical use of the gaming environment

It became possible to use computer game engines and it's software in other non-entertainment related fields. By using the latest technology, we enable to experience places in cities in a fully interactive way. Especially in times of temporary limited mobility, solutions based on remote transmission, such as computer simulations, gain value and can effectively support many commercial sectors, including real estate, where visual presentation is extremely important in the commercialization of space.






Augmented reality (AR) technology, that can be used in available mobile devices, ensures interaction between people and their surroundings thus adding a new dimension to them. Projections of objects or additional valuable information are presented directly on the camera image visable on the phone or tablet, ensuring an intuitive perception of space. Thanks to the AR technology, you can get what you want to know faster and in real time, without time-consuming searching for data on the Internet. And all this at your fingertips- just by using the devices that we have in our pockets.


Mobile AR Apps

We specialize in mobile applications using augmented reality (AR) for city builders and their inhabitants.
We also create multifunctional platforms that support sales for business. Thanks to our applications, users can experience unforgettable emotions while walking, visiting a museum or when beeing at home. The world around us becomes much more interesting thanks to the information-rich space and these intuitive smart applications.


Games for the Real Eastate

By creating a new type of sales tool, we define innovative directions for the development of the marketing communication in the development sector. It offers a dynamic interaction between the user and the designed building, creating a fully interactive computer environment to present investments where almost everything is possible. Thanks to the artificial intelligence modules we use, you can feel what life would look like inside the building and on it's outside in the city around it.





We also build specialized applications that include 3D visualizations with a full 360-degree view of individual investment sites and interactive virtual walks-throughs with the use of VR technology.


Educational Games

Due to the ever-changing conditions in the educational sector, learning applications are starting to play an extremely important rolein it. We support the development of the youngest group of our recipients by creating apps that communicate knowledge in a fun and efficient way.


We want our applications to be as widely available as possible, both on mobile devices and computers. For this purpose, we focus on the selection of tools, gestures and narration that reach a wider audience and is appropriate for any given device.


Services Scope

01. City Games

We create virtual, fully interactive simulations of cities and buildings, in which the user can experience not only the project itself but also the life around and inside it. The main recipient of this service is the real estate and development market. It supports the commercialization of office and residential space as well as entire buildings.

02. Virtual Tours

The space of cities, buildings and their interiors can be visited virtually using our solutions designed for VR goggles as well as for widely available smartphones. Applications can act as sales support for commercial use or be used in the cultural sector in virtual museums.

03. City Apps

With the use of the Augmented Reality technology, we present real-time information about the city, its infrastructure, services and designed objects. The target group are local governments, the construction and development industry, the event and exhibition sector where more and more events are transferred to the virtual world.

04. Apps for domestic use

Our AR and VR apps that support home design and its arrangement are for everyone. All you need is a smartphone and our software that will show the recipient in real time the effects of possible changes. Additionally, it is possible to digitize the state of the existing rooms and objects using the 3D scanning functions.

05.  Educational Games

We create innovative educational apps that engage the youngest audience. The target group is not only the education sector, but also foundations and associations supporting the development of students and citizens in general.



The Team

Our greatest potential are the people who create BuildingVR. All our creators of virtual worlds have many years of professional experience as professional architects. We have been preparing projects in the same team continuously since 2013, in which narration and visual presentations play a very important role. With time, it turned out that the usual forms of presenting buildings, such as visualizations or models, were insufficient to fully "experience" them and it became necessary to search for another dimension to promote the idea behind the investment. That is why BuildingVR was created, based on the same number of designers-coders, who are able to develop tasks of various scales. The team is managed by experienced staff with extensive experience in the architecture and IT industry.




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